What does a car and complementary medicine have in common? More than you know!

How to explain the complex world of complementary, alternative and integrative medicine in simple terms? Recently the supplement company Blackmores opened their own Wellness centre where your brainwaves can be analysed upon which a “qualified” naturopath will prescribe you your much needed “meds”. Blackmores is also planning to place naturopaths in pharmacies across Sydney in […]

Playing the Scientific Game and the Impact on Society – Complementary Medicine: an Insider’s Perspective

(I’ve written a letter to the Vice-Chancellor of Western Sydney University (WSU) in June 2015 covering some of my concerns that I had, and still have, regarding the National Institute of Complementary Medicine. Below you can read this letter, albeit in a somewhat shorter version (a much shorter and edited version you can find here). […]

How did Western Sydney University (WSU) react to my serious warnings regarding the operational matters at the NICM?

After the many conversations and numerous letters that I’ve sent WSU management regarding the seriously flawed operational matters at the National Institute of Complementary Medicine (NICM), one might think that they will at least be looking into this matter. At the very least! That they are reluctant to do so is quite clear. They have […]